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design & implementation that’s market-ready


Dream Launch offers innovative and hi-end application development services tailored to solve real-world problems.

We offer end-to-end application development services including both hardware and software support intending to provide integration of software and hardware technologies for superior performance.

Bringing our extensive experience and knowledge of hardware design and development, Dream Launch is combining forces with the DevOps software development expert Aerion Technologies to offer you a comprehensive Internet of things (IoT) service where we can design and develop every aspect of electronics hardware and new product creation, including hardware configuration, firmware, software, app and cloud backend for your IoT product.

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From low-cost consumer IoT applications to mission-critical applications, our team at Dream Launch/Aerion Technologies has the technical expertise to implement your design specification.

We are able to offer a turn-key development service for the creation of customised IoT cloud applications, from idea through to a deployed and supported solution. 


Suitable for remote monitoring & control of external hardware devices, or other IoT purposes we can develop your cloud IoT solution and product eco-system either in part or from concept through to production.

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