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Muggino ® is a self-powered smart vessel that keeps both hot and cold drinks (from beer to coffee and from ice cream to pumpkin soup) to in your favourite temperature zones for much longer than you have ever been able to before.

Patented technology allows Muggino ® to do this while conserving energy from waste heat. Muggino ® keeps your drink just right, period. No fuss, no programming, hot remains hot, cold remains cold, and heat outside the range of optimum drinking is stored in the form of energy for later use.

However, just as humans are different, so are their tastes. The MuggiApp™ has been exclusively designed for Muggino ® in order to allow users to tune their preferences at will.


Yume is a New Zealand based business which started in 2017 that manufactures products through company personnel overseas. Yume's products are now selling predominately on Amazon U.S., Canada and Japan, as well as directly to the NZ market from our Auckland office. Other markets are in the pipeline.

"Yume Lunch bag is a well-designed multi-layer bag, which has married beautiful stylish design of a lunch bag to the well manufactured, rich technical product for its purpose. It has a good potential market and great future."

  • High-Quality Material - School lunch bag is waterproof, airtight, and successfully retains heat. 

  • STYLISH LUNCH BAG -  Youshi lunch bags are beautifully illustrated by an eclectic range of graphic artists from all four corners of the globe.

  • Comfortable MAGNETIC Handle - Youshi thermal lunch bag has a comfortable durable magnetic ergonomic handle that folds and closes seamlessly with two very reliable rivets. 

  • TEARPROOF & REUSABLE - The foldable lunch bag can be quickly cleaned with a sponge, easily folded and retracted into a backpack or handbag.

  • 100% FOOD SAFE - Insulated lunch sack with the new technology of an additional thermal barrier between the inner foil and the outer layers of paper.

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