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Dream Launch partners with Emerge Investments

At Dream Launch we are always looking for ways to better serve our clients. Which is why we are so excited and eager to announce our recent partnership with Emerge Investments.

Emerge Investments is a venture capital firm which is steered by an experienced team who are passionate about helping start-ups and small businesses to avoid failure and thrive.

With expertise in Business, IT and Marketing, Emerge Investments provide hands-on mentoring and investment to start-up founders, early-stage and established SMEs

Based in Melbourne, Emerge Investments work closely with their partners to create tailored and targeted strategies which enable businesses to take the next step in their development and rise above their competitors.

With Emerge bringing experts in mentoring, planning and strategy and Dream Launch providing design, prototyping and manufacturing, we believe, this partnership will amplify the capabilities of both companies to provide a complete package to all of our existing and future clients and partners.

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