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  • Cherie Mclaughlin

4 Ways to Find a Career That Makes You Smile Every Single Day

When work feels like you’re just going through the motions, it may be time for a big change and maybe finally turn your passions into a career you’re truly excited about. You have endless opportunities ahead of you and these tips from Dream Launch can help you explore them.

Go Back and Earn a New Degree

Do you love learning and helping children? Then maybe you could earn your master’s in education online and get into teaching. With your master’s, you can put those skills to work improving the lives of K-12 students. You can choose a specific degree program to fit your interests, including math and science and technology.

Worried about being an older student? You shouldn’t be! As a non-traditional student, you likely have the skills, experience, and patience to maximize the benefits of your education. Plus, if you attend school online, no one will ever know how old you are!

Start a Home-Based Business

If working from home sounds like a dream to you, consider using your passions to start your very own home-based business. You could offer freelance services, resume writing help, or homemade crafts, or you could even become a consultant. Consulting businesses are an especially good choice if you have experience in a specific field but crave more flexibility.

Work on Improving Leadership Skills

Perhaps you love your current industry, but you’re passionate about being a leader. This is such a wonderful goal to have, but first, you need to understand what makes a truly great leader. For one, leaders know they can’t know it all, so they read books and work with mentors to gain the skills and expertise they are lacking. They also know when to invest in more training.

Once you land a promotion, remember that being a boss is different from being a leader. Here are a few differences between the two:

● Leaders influence their teams, while bosses command.

● Leaders provide inspiration; bosses tend to explain.

● Leaders offer mentoring; bosses rely on discipline.

Practice these skills in your new role, and you're sure to succeed. You’re also more likely to earn the respect of your employees and co-workers, which can make your work life more satisfying.

Consider Taking a Break to Decide

All jobs come with stress. Even if you are passionate about your new career, it’s important to keep this in mind. It’s also important to have practical ways to relieve that stress. However, there is a huge difference between feeling stressed and being burned out. You should be able to tell the difference, and if you suspect burnout, it may be time for a break.

Taking a career break may sound a bit scary but the long-term effects of burnout can be even more frightening. Taking a sabbatical from your career can come with other benefits as well. If you’re worried about finances, you can always use some of the tips above to generate income while you plan your next step, then you’ll have time to really think about your passions.

Life is too short to work in a job you don’t absolutely love. At the very least, your job should be one that doesn’t cause you distress. If you have been feeling overwhelmed or just uninterested lately, don’t be afraid to make a change. Don’t let fear keep you from finding a new career or even a new business that lets you do what you love every single day.

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About Authur:

Cherie Mclaughlin has been creating and growing couch-based businesses since her couch was in a dorm room. Through both success and failure, she knows that all it takes to be successful is a willingness to go into it with the understanding that it’s a learn as you go process, and the boldness to step out of your comfort zone and give it a shot.

Photo Credit: Pexels

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